Help with Modep and TouchOSC

Hello, I am new in everything related to Pisound and Linux with the problem that I have a very limited time.
I need an orientation to get control Modep with touchOSC. Reading in the forum, it seems that this is possible and simple, but I do not get it or maybe I did not find the right article.
Thank you.

Check the recipe section. First check the how to on writing sd cards with etcher. Then download the modep image and inatall with etcher then search the forum for info on how to connect via Wi-Fi to your pi.

It all very straightforward, I was in the same boat as you a couple of months back. However rushing the process will not help a little time to learn the jargon and commands is required

Hello, I have modep in operation and it is a great application for effects on my guitar.
I can even control with my hardware midi driver without problems, but I try to control with touchosc and I do not get it.
I have touchosc2midi correctly installed.
I need some kind of guidance for these questions:
Can I connect osc with ssh?
touchosc2midi starts automatically in modep?
Should I make some kind of connection so that midi to modep messages arrive?
Thank you very much.

Hey @Roberto, we have just published a beta update for MODEP here: [Beta] MODEP 2018-08-31

It has touchosc2midi preinstalled and ready to be used.

In order to map parameters, you don’t need to enable the touch osc ports in MIDI Ports menu, that’s necessary to route note messages to the intended pedal.

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hello Giedrius, thanks for the new beta edition of Modep. I already have it installed and I notice important improvements in the complement and in the edition. Now it’s a much more powerful and fantastic pedalboard. I did tests with OSC, but I could not assign pots of the complements through midi learn with OSC controls.
This is possible? or is there another way to do it ?.
Thank you

Hey, Touch OSC should work right out of the box. Btw, if it’s possible in the Touch OSC app you use, try setting the port to 12101, and make sure the device is connected to MODEP WiFi and the host IP is set to

Does mapping hardware MIDI controllers work?