Throttle and Sustain Incoming Midi Notes?

I’m looking for creative ideas on how to use Midihub functionality to:
-Limit how many Notes/Events are played per second or other timing (beats/measures)
-Limit the number of currently played notes to 1 (monophonic)

The primary outcome I am seeking is a pipeline(s) that would result in music where only one note is playing at any given time, and sustained for ~4 seconds. I don’t have a preference for which notes ‘win’, I am just looking for that single note, sustained playback, to slow down an aggressive ‘player’ already constrained to a scale.

Can you think of combinations that could get me close, with Midihub?

I’d try something like the following

Length limits the note length, making them short, reducing the number of notes on at the same time
Sustain set with sustain on, and mode = chord will hold all recent notes on and replace them when a new distinct and separate note comes along. Arp takes whatever notes are sustained and performs an arpeggio function playing only one of the sustained notes at a time … I’d probably choose the random pattern. In the arp you can set the time division and note length. I’d set both to be 1 bar which, at 120bpm will produce notes of 4 seconds in length … give it a go and let us know how you get on :slightly_smiling_face:


I would not have come up with this and will certainly try it.
Thank you for your creative thinking!

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