Limit number of notes?

I’m wondering if it is possible to limit the number of notes that get passed through a midi effect?

For example, I’m creating a complex chain with multiple Harmonizer modifiers set up in parallel, and using my synthesizer’s onboard arpeggiator to transform them into sequences. I’d like to limit the total number of notes that pass through to be multiples of 4 so that they repeat on whole bars.

What I’m finding is that the arpeggiation ignores any notes that are of the same value. So what happens is different notes play arpeggiations of different lengths depending on the scale quantization. For example, holding C might give me an 8-note sequence, while holding E gives me a 7-note sequence.

I suppose I can get around this by using an Arp modifier within the effect, but would love to be able to use a preset for both chords and arps if possible.

Any help is appreciated!

Interesting idea, we’ll note this down. :slight_smile:

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