Filtering out incoming notes in various ways?

hey hey. trying to figure out fun and interesting ways to filter out notes of an incoming arpeggio and sending it along. basically i am bored with arpeggios because they are constant and i want to add some rests. any ideas here? i am rusty on anything beyond the basics of my midihub

So your arp is incoming from an ext source not another MH pipeline Chris?

Most obvious way to drop notes is to use Chance pipes.

I guess if I wanted to introduce a bit more variable control, I’d start running synced LFOs based on the incoming Clock and then play around with ranged Transforms to modify the Chance/ Timed Chance properties

So, for example, I might have

  • a Saw LFO running over say 3bars…
    …maybe with a CC value-Random after it

  • then a bunch of Transforms creating new CCs for say 1:4 → 2:2 , 2:3 → 3:4, etc
    (i.e different Work with Value ranges)

  • these would become virtual mappings mapped to Chance properties

  • I also might decide I wanted to drop say more of the high notes than the low ones so I’d use Note Range Filter to hive note ranges off to separate pipelines each with their own mapped chance pipes† (and/or use Dispatcher as another way to vary Chance outcomes)

One of those things where you evolve the approach as you go along (very Midihub, IMO :grinning:)

†all sorts of fun to be had here, as you can use say CC33 as a Virtual H mapping then use it flip-Rescaled in a following line to make say a Virtual G mapping so as you become more likely to drop note in one range you become less likely in another.


external arp yes. for now i am just using the one in the arturia keystep 37 to try all this out but will also use one out of my computer via midi in the future.

i need to dig into virtual mapping stuff more it seems. it gets confusing quick the more i put in.

all of this looks like good ideas. will mess with in the near future. thank you.

why are like almost all arpeggiators like… constant? lol. hardly any implementation of rests. end of rant.

As a starter, why not try using your CC knobs on the KS37 to map them to Chance pipes in 3/4 lines:

No virtual mappings needed and you get to play around with the sort of %'s that drop enough notes to add a bit of variety without making the pattern sound too lumpy.
Later you can take what you like and think about automating it a bit with LFOs.

The other thing to throw in later is varying note length but maybe that’s off topic…

I hear you. MH’s at least goes octaves down. I’ve got one synth that does patterns (different lengths & rests) which I’d like MH to implement some day.

KS37’s walk is OK though

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good idea. i just wanna have it skip some notes here and there to give it some variety. this should work. thank you

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i finally got to mess with this, and even with doing just one chance pipe mapped to a knob i was able to get some good results. was just taking a simple latched arpeggio on the keystep37 on random and fiddling with the chance pipe knob until i liked what i was coming out.


You can make way more interesting arps on MidHub itself. Your imagination(mostly ) is your limit. You can have mutliplte arps in a chain with some repeat pipes and delay pipes, chance, lfos, dispatcher etc etc. You can map lfos to parameters and having evolving parameters. any parameters you like. You can play with the clock and do some funky time manipulation stuff. The only real downfall is you only have 8 presets hardware wise. But of course you can save as many presets as you want on your pc.