Supercolliderjs box based on prynth

Hi, I’ve begun documenting the supercollider box I built with prynth and pisound. websockets controll of supercollider :slight_smile:

In the main, I just use the image from the prynth project enables more than I use. I’m planning on using the serial to osc that’s built in, but for the moment am just using midi.

I use it to play a couple of algorithmic pieces and as a multi-fx for strings.

To communicate this in a useful way, I’ve setup a github repo with install instructions, notes and example supercollider scripts with midi and audio input/output.

Find the source (luke)

I’ll post some pictures and sound examples soon :slight_smile:



I just got a pisound, and I want to use it to run SC on headless pi. I’m new to raspberry pi, so your documenting project is of high interest to me! Thanks for this… I’m struggling thoug:

I’m trying to load the prynth image (2017-09-21-prynth.img) on a raspberry pi 2, and although the server is responding at http://raspberrypi.local:3000 (through ethernet cable, I can’t seem to log into the pi itself: when hooking a keyboard and screen to it, after it boots and requests a login, the keyboard is just unresponsive, and I can’t log in, so I can’t run the pisound install script…
I know it’s not a problem with the pi nor the keyboard, as I’ve been able to run and log into other images (raspbian stretch lite) with the exact same hardware.

Have you encountered something like this, or would you have any idea on how to solve this?

Many thanks.

Got the answer from the prynth dev, reporting here in case someone has the same problem. it was simply because the USB is forced to 1 by default, preventing it to recognize USB2 keyboards. It just needs to be changed in the system panel of the prynth web interface.


Glad you got it :slight_smile: Im working on making the documentation friendly. This approach really works well for me, but it always depends on what you want to connect …

as far as the ethernet is concerned, in my docs I wrote that you need to set up wpa-supplicant before booting …

I’ll try to respond as I see notes here. Weekends with kids tend to get in the way:)