Problems debugging new LV2 for modep

I’m developing some new ModeP plugins. I’m having trouble getting the initial UI to come up, most probably due to bugs in the packaging/libraries.

Current state: ModSdk likes the plugin (modgui is mostly ok). Lv2bench likes the plugin. (the .so is ok). ModeP seems to have latched on to an early version of the plugin and seem to not be reparsing the TTLs and updating accordingly.

Current status: controls display, but three are unlabeled (missing names in earlier version). The screenshot displays in the UI; the thumbnail does not. And the iconTemplate is not being loaded.

I think I’m stuck because ModeP doesn’t seem to update after having parsed the TTLs initially. The UI says I’m running version 0.3. But the TTLs have been updated to 7.

I am building/installing directly into the /usr/modep/lv2/MyPlugin.lv2 directory. I do have a utility to restart ModeP daemons.

But no matter what I do, I can’t seem to get ModeP to pick up new versions of the ttl files.

There are no obvious errors in the modep-mod-host and modep-mod-ui journal files.

What am I missing? Where should I look?

I’m running ModeP on Raspberry PI 4.

Problem solved. :-/

Shift-5 is your friend. Problems were caused by browser perma-caching of elements of the ModeP page.