How to compile and deploy plugins locally


I am trying to compile a plugin manually for the MODEP + Raspberry PI 4 device.

The plugin is the die fluidsynth plugin (I need some small changes). I have tried compiling using the mod plugin builder and it compiles perfectly with no errors, but then copying the lv2 dir to the /var/modep/lv2 dir and trying to use it gives an “error adding effect”.

Is there any tutorial on how to do it?

I have found this tutorial: GitHub - patchstorage/patchstorage-lv2-builder: Patchstorage Plugin Builder

But when choosing raspberrypi4_aarch64 it builds a 64 bit library, while the patchbox os is 32bits.

How can I compile a 32bits library for the raspberry pi 4 patchbox installation?

Running docker-build-all will build for all platforms.

Thx for the answer. That builds for:
raspberrypi3 32bits
raspberrypi4 64bits

I am guessing that maybe I must use the raspberry3 lib on my raspberrypi4 patchbox os?

Are you getting an error when compiling?

No errors at all. I just tried using the raspberry3 32bits compiled version of the libs and it worked fine. thanks all.