Playback issues when using input (web conferencing example)

Hi folks! Hope you’re safe and at home!

I’m under raspbian and my Pisound works great for everything I need! I’m using ALSA only system and apart from being able to listen to only 1 audio source at time (like anybody who don’t want to use Pulseaudio, right?), everything is great!

However I’m at home office regime, like many of you I suppose, and web conferecing is a must. I’ve tried Jitsi meet mainly and I cannot hear other members but I can speak through my mic (pisound in). Since it happens in other software situations using Pisound (being able to give an input or to receive an output but never both at the same time), I come to ask you if there is any workaround for this keeping the system low profile as possible, using ALSA only if possible.


Do you get playback from your browser via Pisound on other sites?

Yes, I get playback but only when not using an input.

The settings must be symmetric for both input and output, otherwise, the audio device may fail to be opened. Maybe the browser is trying to use different quality settings for both directions.

We don’t have any control on this, as it’s being done by browsers, and they may not expose detailed config options. It may be a better solution to do use Pulse Audio and possibly Jack bridge too to workaround this problem, as they should take care of things like this.


Just to let you know people: under standart (and up-to-date) raspbian buster the issue is gone! Jitsi meet and other plataforms now works out of the box with pisound I/O :smile: (and using, YEAHHH, just ALSA).

I suspect that Chromium updates made the browser a better listener to ALSA.