Alsamixer says "pisound has no capture device"

Hi there,

if I start alsamixer and select the pisound card, it says that pisound has no capture device…

If I start up jack, und start audacity , and select “JACK” in audacity, it says
Palyback Device: system
Recording Device: “No devices found”

amidi -l
arecord -l
aplay -l

they give all the correct output as stated on the webpage…

but still I cannot get any audio-in (audacity, sonic-pi)

Is there another way I can check whether my audio-in works?

PS: I am on a fresh raspbian stretch

Hi, try configuring and starting Jack server using qjackctl.

If the Pisound devices are not available in software, it could mean that they’re being held exclusively by some other software or background processes.

In qjackctl => Settings => Advanced:

Input device: (default)
with this, I am able to start jack. But I don’t have a capture device.

If I set it to
Input device: hw:pisound
Input device: hw:pisound,0

then I cannot start jack. It gives me the error “cannot connect to jack client”.

/usr/bin/jackd -dalsa -dhw:0 -r48000 -p1024 -n2 -D -Chw:pisound
Cannot connect to server socket err = No such file or directory

could you please give a screenshot of a propper qjacktl setting?

It does seem like the audio card is blocked by some other audio software such as pulseaudio…

setting up jackd propper solved it

Oh? And what’s that setting? Trying to get jack_capture to work in MODEP and it sounds like this might help me.

Trying to get an answer on this forum is a pain :smiley: Mostly non-answered posts…

@Enkerli, have you solved this? @produnis?

Thank you!

Yes. IIRC, it might have been about using sudo. Thought this part was discussed in another thread.

Oh, yes, this one: [SOLVED] Capturing MODEP Output with jack_capture?

If that doesn’t help, could dig through some of my history files.

Oh? Interestingly, my experience with this forum is that answered::non-answered is fairly decent, especially by comparison to most other parts of the Maker movement. But it might be lower than the RasPi average, come to think of it. Friendly and welcoming group, but not necessarily the most active.
At the same time, the level of thoughtfulness from replies is pretty high, even by RasPi standards (which are way higher than, say, Arduino forums).

(As you might guess, this is a big topic, to me. As lovely as Maker Culture can be, the type of collaboration involved is often very specific. Was just discussing this with someone who’s leading a very neat open hardware/firmware/data project.)

Thank you :slight_smile:

Will see how well I go with it.

Also, I’ve sent you an e-mail like 1 week ago, if you have some time feel free to reply whenever you can :slight_smile: