Pisound alsamixer to monitor channels?

When I playback audio using the pisound there’s a little distortion.

I’m using commands such as :" ecasound -i somefile.mp3 -o alsa" This utilises the programme ecasound to playback the audio.

The “-o” indicates the output to alsa (which i thought was a separate sound card but its what seems to work with the pisound?)

When I view alsamixer it shows the volume or the pisound sound card and the bar is at 99 (hence why its distorting I expect).

But I can’t see a way to moniter this. the alsamixer is not allowing me to turn the signal down?

Does anyone use alsa within there projects ?

Many thanks

Pisound does not have hardware volume controls that can be used with ALSA, it plays the raw data that it gets from the OS.

It is possible to add a software ALSA plugin for controlling the volume however, see here:


The best solution however would be to deal with too high volumes in the software that is producing the audio by reducing its output volume, if available.

Btw, some users had distortion issues because of the power supply they were using. Our recommendation is to use this one.

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Its also possible to multi track in ecasound found in the following link:

can alsamixer recognise this to see the different audio channels volume?

Using ALSA plugins it may be possible to set up multiple channels and mix them into Pisound, but I haven’t ever tried to do that, it’s probably easier to use some software like Audacity to play multiple files at once, but that may not fit for what you intend to do :slight_smile:

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