Pisound-btn 1.04 update!

Hey guys, pisound-btn just received an update to version 1.04!

You may update by following the same install instructions as usual.

The biggest highlights of the update:

  • It’s now possible to re-map actions for different triggers or to easily use custom scripts for handling them via /etc/pisound.conf
  • Toggling Bluetooth discoverability by holding the button down between 3 and 5 seconds.
  • Periodic LED blinking, makes it easy to time the hold-press actions.

See the updated documentation.

This is the full list of changes:

  • Added periodic_led_blink command to common.sh.
  • Restructured the scripts so they are named based on the implemented functionality.
  • Added /etc/pisound.conf config file which allows customizing various button actions.
  • Added --conf argument to pisound-btn so that the config file location can be overridden.
  • Added set_bt_discoverable.sh script which implements changing of Bluetooth Discoverability state. It depends on libglib2.0-bin for gdbus to be available.
  • Now when the button gets held, the MIDI LEDs will flash every second to make it easy to see how many seconds have passed since the button was held down.
  • Click timeout increased from 300ms to 400ms, so it’s easier to make multiple click combinations.