Are the settings for the pisound button different for MODEP? (wifi hotspot, bluetooth discoverability)

Hi guys,

I’m working on a project using Pisound with MODEP and need to switch some times between regular wifi and the wifi hotspot. I will not have a screen attached, so I need to be able to use the pisound button reliably.

There are different functions mentioned on the pisound and the MODEP pages. Do the MODEP settings override the pisound defaults?

I tried some things, but it gets hard to troubleshoot without a screen and working wifi.

On The Button - Pisound Documentation the actions are:
triple click = wifi hotspot
0-3 second hold = nothing
3-5 second hold = bluetooth discoverability

On MODEP & Pisound - MODEP Documentation the actions are:
triple click = switch pedal boards per click
1-3 second hold = bluetooth discoverability
3-5 second hold = wifi hotspot

Hey, yes, different patchbox module can have a different button config. You may customize the actions using pisound-config or patchbox commands and remap them as necessary.

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Thanks for the reply, now I know which button presses to use :slight_smile: Will save me much frustration :blush: