Pisound-btn 1.05 update!

Hey guys, pisound-btn just received an update to version 1.05!

You may update by following the same install instructions as usual.

The biggest highlight of the update is the new pisound-config. See also a tutorial on how to easily add new button actions.

This is the full list of changes:

  • pisound-btn packaged as a Debian package.
  • Introduced pisound-meta Debian package which depends on all Pisound software, for easy install of the Pisound software bundle.
  • Added pisound-config, a GUI configuration tool.
  • Default /usr/local/etc/pisound moved to /usr/local/pisound. It will contain the Pisound git repository with the latest scripts.
  • The Pisound git repository now shares the scripts with the Pisound App and pisound-ctl server.
  • SINGLE_CLICK, DOUBLE_CLICK, TRIPLE_CLICK, OTHER_CLICKS renamed to CLICK_1, CLICK_2, CLICK_3, CLICK_OTHER respectively in pisound.conf.
  • In case of duplicate keys in pisound.conf, the first value read will win.
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Just wondering if there is a way to slow down the recognised timing between clicks? Sometimes it appears that my double click is registered as single or triple as double…I thought maybe a slower more deliberate action would work better for me.

Hey, this can be controlled in pisound-btn code, by modifying CLICK_TIMEOUT_MS constant.

Build and install custom pisound-btn by doing this:

  1. git clone https://github.com/BlokasLabs/pisound.git
  2. Make changes to pisound-btn/pisound-btn.c
  3. Build and install:
    cd pisound/pisound-btn
    sudo make install

Yes, that works better now. :slight_smile:

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What ms value did you use?

700, but I might have overdone it. I’m going to test it a bit more this evening….