MODEP and creating custom script buttons

Hello i received my pisound on my pi4 and it’s really cool (i own a modduo too), i just have a request on Patchbox. How can i use button clic to 1 : Next Pedalboard 2: Previous pedalboard instead of 1&2&etc. numbers. I already made a script to launch and stop Pianoteq with Click 3&4, but is theire any documentation to pilot modep through shell script ?
Oh i’ve another question where are the real file (pisound.conf) used in pisound cause i found 3 sames files but dunno what is the one used by the real button, so i modified (copy/paste) all 3 files in differents folders.

Hey, I’ve just added scripts for switching to next, previous and ‘bypass’ pedalboard (one with just connection of inputs directly to outputs)

To set it up, first you have to update modep-btn-scripts package:

sudo apt update && sudo apt install modep-btn-scripts

Then you have to modify the pisound-btn.conf for MODEP module:

sudo nano /usr/local/patchbox-modules/modep/pisound-btn.conf

Change the CLICK_1 and CLICK_2 lines to look like this:

CLICK_1           /usr/modep/scripts/
CLICK_2           /usr/modep/scripts/

You may use /usr/modep/scripts/ path to open the bypass pedalboard. If it’s executed again, it will switch back to the previous pedalboard.

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The default location is /etc/pisound.conf. Some Patchbox modules like Orac and MODEP provide their own pisoudn-btn.conf files, they are used while the module is activated through the patchbox utility. This way, you may have different sets of Pisound Button configs for particular modules and easily switch between them.

Thank’s for adding this +/-. /etc/pisoun.conf is not working when i change in this shortcut cause the file is in /usr/etc/ but i’ve installed PD, Modep so i dunno where is the used one… I will try to delete all to see what file is used .

Anyone know where is the file service for the button cause since i updated scripts my button only work when i launch pisound-btn command, i suspect service is not launched at start. Didn’t found it for now, i’m searching the file, or the file name to launch “sudo systemctl start” thank’s again.

The service file name is pisound-btn.service, the config file it uses depends on the currently activated module.

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Thank’s a lot for this info, i found it and now it work, dunno why it stopped to work. Now i want to know how to send commands via, shell or python (i would like to use shell script for using with a phone app) to change snapshots, i saw in your script that you send an url to modep, is theire any documentation somewhere in GIT or elsewhere for use all url’s function for modep ? Thank’s again. In Pisound/Patchbox vs Modduo i prefer my Pisound cause i can launch sorme external plugins like Pianoteq, but missing hardware buttons or screen for exemple on Patchbox, so Smartphone or tablet is a great compagnion to Modep/Patchbox, it need some shortcuts and tweaks and it will be far better than a Modduo.

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See script source code - it makes use of the MOD Web API to make it switch pedalboards, etc… You can see the APIs available in this list in the MOD-UI source code. You may sort of follow the handler class there to see roughly how it is supposed to be used.

As for getting your own scripts in the app, see our documentation here: