Midi Latency Compensation with the delay pipe

I tried to use the delay pipes for a latency compensation and it works close to.
I set sync off to get the milliseconds and than just 1 repetitions and 100% wet signal and I could bring 4 midi devices in sync. The only problem is, all notes have now that very small length from the delay in millisecond, from 6-12ms in my case. So I realized, that is matched together. If it’s possible to unlock these, if someone use just 1 repeat? Or to give an option that the first repeat can get the original length from the input. That would be great and very very helpful, because I do not know any kind of hardware, that could handle a midi track delay for latency compensation and this pipe is so close to that feature!

Hi, it should be possible to do, but it seems Delay pipe handles this case incorrectly, we’ll look into it.

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Some news here with the delay pipe?

As a workaround, I use a sustain pipe after the delay then map “sustain on” to a note. It uses a physical loopback as you need to transform all notes into a single note that will trigger the loop backed port. Or if you have plenty of mappings available you can just map every note on whatever channel you are using to the sustain on and no loopback required. An issue if you need more than 1 sustain, but if you only need one its a more solid solution.

You can also use the note length pipe afterwards if you are ok with a fixed length.