Micro tuning issue in Midihub

Hey Midihub team

First I must say- amazing product, working really well, and I just begin to understand the depth of it.
I have a question regarding my set up that you might answer.

I am working with the following set up:
A Digitakt
B Dreadbox typhon channel 15
C Micro Freak channel channel14
D Korg XD channel 16

A Digitakt
D Squarp pyramid

I sequence all from the pyramid, and the Keystep keyboard is connected to the pyramid in.

When I am using the micro scale pipe on one pipe from D—>B for example, the scale file is working great. But when I try to used the same pipe for all three synth, it is somehow unifying the midi channels and I get them all on one channel- so I cant play on each individual synth with the pipe.
I tried also to use the channel option inside the pipe.

If you have any advice regrading the issue it can be great


Hey, the Micro Scale pipe works by dispatching each note to a different channel, in order to achieve polyphony. This is because Pitch Bend in MIDI affect entire MIDI channels at a time, so to get different micro-tuned notes playing at the same time, multiple channels have to be used.

The Ch1 - Ch16 checkboxes allow you to control which channels to use for micro-tuned notes. So you should leave only the relevant checkboxes ticked for the device on the output.

You should use a couple of MicroScale pipes for each of the outputs you’re using, with each of their channels configured appropriately.

Let us know how it works out. :slight_smile: If you still can’t get it right, feel free to upload the .mhp file here so we can see what’s up.

Cool! I will try tomorrow in the studio, I tried to put only the channel that I am using, but I will try again.

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