Questions for Micro Scale modifier pipe

Hello, I have try Midihub with some synths.
But I’m not sure what I did it’s right or wrong.

What I feel in my ears, it is still playing chromatic notes, but with some pitch bends on end notes, I set polyphonic on synth.

My questions :
Is it work only when monophonic?
Should I check only one midi channel or check all?

“Always Send Pitch Bend, enable this parameter only if the receiving device is playing wrong notes.” Wrong notes means, have no change on notes? after set micro scale pipe

The standard MIDI does not have any way to change the pitch of individual notes, but can change the pitch for the entire MIDI channel by using the Pitch Bend messages. How Micro Scale pipes works is dispatching each note to a different channel. Maximum polyphony is up to 16 notes, in which case all channels should be enabled, but some synths are capable of less notes to be played at a time, so you should enable matching number of channels. Whether to use channels 1-8 or 9-16 for 8 voice synth is up to you, how you allocate the number ranges.

It may require tweaking the receiving synth’s settings, so it accepts notes on the necessary channels. Some synths also have different maximum Pitch Bend depth, like 12ct, 1ct or 2ct, either hard-wired, or configurable. You should match the Pitch Bend Depth parameter of the pipe to what your synth uses. If it can be configured on the synth, set it to the lowest value possible, as it provides more accuracy for matching the required note frequency.

The Always Send Pitch Bend should normally be off, this keeps the optimization of reusing the last Pitch Bend value set on a channel so there’s less MIDI messages to send for each note. Some synths however tend to forget the last used PB value, in that case, this setting should be on.

What do you mean by ‘end notes’?