Get the pisound package without using apt

Hi, my goal is to build a tiny tiny raspbian, capable of running pure data patches. Basically, I’m willing to sacrifice all of the net stuff (no wifi, no ethernet, no bluetooth) and reducing the kernel size and packages number to save some precious boot time (having to wait 40 seconds when something goes wrong during a gig is not an option).

So, is there a way to obtain the pisound package as a .deb file? Or if not, maybe getting some instructions on how to compile it properly?

Thanks in advance. Seb

Which Pisound package do you have in mind? The audio and MIDI driver is integrated in the kernel source tree, so you don’t need to install anything extra to make use of basic Pisound functionality.

Hi, Thanks for the quick response. I need both audio and midi driver, and maybe the auto-connect daemon for aconnect. I’m still a newbie when it comes to this so just to sum up… let’s say:

  1. I get a light version of Raspbian
  2. I compile and install a light kernel
  3. I get rid of all the extra packages I don’t need including x-window-system
  4. Install pure data from source

Will I be able to choose the Pisound card as an audio/midi iinterface when starting pure data? Is it going to be installed/listed in the hardware?

You must include snd_soc_pisound in your kernel, amidiauto source code is here: