Using midihub as a midi looper- observations

apologies if this has been covered elsewhere- please move or delete this & point me the right way if it has. first thing I built in my midihub was a midi looper, using the delay, & mapping a couple of CCs to the delay time (unsynced) & the repeat feedback (which- oh joy! goes to 200%!)

what I noticed when I ran the delay maxed at 4000mS & then turned it down was as expected- all the notes bunched up (& so what I’d played got faster & faster). however, upon returning the delay setting to 4000mS, the bunched up notes stayed at one end of the loop, all bunched up, with a great big gap after them.
I wonder if there’s a way to make the loop behave more intuitively, so that the notes go back where they came from, so to speak, & also if the two versions of this behaviour could then be a choice for the user. don’t get me wrong- I love it how it is, but it’s a tiny bit counterintuitive at the moment.


Hey, we’ve noted this issue down, we’ll see what can be done about it. :slight_smile: