Sonic Pi Workaround Guide

Sonic Pi has a special case for Raspberry Pi during startup. By default it kills the existing jackd server, and starts one configured to use the built in Raspberry Pi audio with hardcoded parameters. That makes Sonic Pi unusable with other audio cards, unless this workaround is applied, so Sonic Pi would behave in the same way as if it’s run on any other linux device.

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Any chance this workaround might not be needed in the future? Has there been discussion with Sam Aaron about this?
He did use pisound a few weeks ago at the Raspberry Pi birthday party, as you pointed out (thanks for that link). And he really enjoys things which require as little fiddling as possible. Since the new version of Sonic Pi has MIDI I/O along with a live_audio feature, making sure SPi works seamlessly with pisound could become rather important.
At the same time, it doesn’t sound like a big deal to change. It’s just that the comment about updates makes it a bit of a scary prospect.

Hey, there’s a good chance of that happening, we should be able to sort that out. :slight_smile:

@Enkerli Sam Arron mentioned about month ago that it won’t be needed in future Sonic Pi releases. It could be sorted out already. We will check that out ant let you know. Cheers.

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