[Solved] No sound output

I just ran pisound-config and everything seems fine. But when I test with amidi -l, the pisound hardware is not being shown… should a just start over again?
thanking the pisound community in advance,

I’m not getting sound out of my pisound. when I run “aplay -l” and “midi -l” i get the pisound listed as “device 0 : PS-30HHJHC”
where the website says it should say “PS-2DES12E” what am i doing wrong?

Hi, I have merged your topics together, so the discussion for your case is contained in a single topic. :slight_smile:

Everything is fine with ‘PS-30HHJHC’ - it is the serial number of your Pisound board, every board has a unique such number.

Regarding no audio output - do you get any error printed from the audio software you’re using? One common issue is the audio card being in use by another audio program (even a browser could block the rest of the programs from using the audio card)

Another common issue is the power supply - it should be rated at at least 2.5A, like this one: https://www.raspberrypi.org/products/raspberry-pi-universal-power-supply/

And one more possibility could be the Raspberry Pi and Pisound not making good enough contact with each other - make sure the boards are parallel in respect to each other.

Hi, Gledrius. thanks for your response. I am now getting audio and that is fine. I am using PureData (not headlessly yet, but that is my goal).

However, I am not getting MIDI input in PureData. I can see the LEDs lighting from MIDI input. I know PureData pretty well, and have troubleshot MIDI problems in PureData on my laptop, but I just can’t get PureData to recognize the MIDI info that is clearly coming to the Pisound…

what am I doing wrong?
thanks again,

Hey, glad to hear you got sound working. What was the issue?

Regarding MIDI - most likely the missing piece is aconnect or aconnectgui - you have to set up Pure Data to have at least 1 software ALSA MIDI port in its settings, then use aconnect or aconnectgui (the latter is easier to use, do sudo apt-get install aconnectgui), and make the data connection from Pisound’s MIDI ports to the Pure Data ones.

This is not specific to Pisound itself, it’s the model of MIDI that Linux ALSA uses which is different from how MIDI is used on other major OSes.

If launching Pure Data via the app or the button, the scripts that start Pure Data automatically connect everything using acconect to and from Pure Data.