Sample Playback speed error?

I have the pisound attached to Raspbian Lite. I have a 44100 16 bit sample.
when I run the command:
$aplay file.wav

the CLI says:

Playing WAVE ‘file’ : Signed 16 bit Little Endian, Rate 44100 hz, Stereo
warning: rate is not accurate (requested = 44100hz, got = 48000hz)
please, try the plug plugin (-Dplug:default)

whats does this mean, how can I correct this?

Hi, Pisound natively supports 48k, 96k and 192k sample rates, so ideally you should resample your samples offline to the closest natively supported sampling rate.

As suggested by the message, software resampling on the fly is possible, but that comes at some CPU performance cost which is best to avoid.

If you simply want to play a wave file without much hassle, if I remember right, mplayer does the resampling to the supported rate on the fly automatically.