44.1K Samplerate?

@Giedrius I wonder why you did decide not to include 44.1K samplerate for Pisound? Is it due to the fact that the Opamps work at 192kHz and hence it’s better to work with that or fractions of it?

Would 44.1K have been too much of a quality compromise, or maybe not have worked at all?
I’m just wondering, because If want to use it to do in-the-box production targeted at 44.1K final samplerate (which is still the most common one) I need to do a final sample rate conversion which of course adds some interpolation artifacts.

It is for hardware reasons, having support for that would have required more parts or using ADCs / DACs with more features but lesser quality.

Why not use 48kHz for your project? :slight_smile:

I was mostly wondering. Situations where you need to stick to 44.1K as the final sample rate are basically if you want to press CDs. When it comes to mp3s, I don’t know if 48K is as universally supported as 44.1K, though it should be by now.