Problems getting sound using c++ or pure data

Hi guys,

I recently received my pisound but am having some trouble getting it working. I’m working on a project using c++ and the maximilan audio dsp library. I can get the examples to compile and even run but no sound! I also tried testing pure data but with still no sound, giving the ‘device or resource busy’ error I have seen other get but none of their solutions seemed to work for me. There is sound, however, when i tried running sonicpi or just watching a video on youtube.

I feel like this is a pretty basic error down to something like not setting the sound cards in the right place but I’m really at a loss!

Thanks in advance

Hey, usually on Linux, only one application is allowed access to the audio card. Try killing all of the applications which may be using audio, unset Pisound from being the default audio card, and try your software again. You may have to specify either “hw:pisound” or “hw:1,0” somewhere in your code.

I tried both of these things and it worked! hank you Giedrius

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