Pisound app patches

Garage beat is ridiculously fun, kudos to the creators ! But does anyone else find it lagging slightly when using inbuilt effects?
If it’s does it’s ok with me… I’m new to this and I trying to make sure my system is optimised… using a pi3

Hi, yeah the patch is great :slight_smile:

The patch seems to be running fine performance wise on Pi 3 with 2018-03-13-raspbian-stretch.img

Try running top to see whether there is some high CPU usage process running other than puredata itself.

Thanks for the feedback but I’m still encountering this issue. I’m running stretch on a Pi3 . When I load the garage beats patch and use the fx I see at times 100% cpu usage by puredata as reported by top. Very little other load on cup vnc and top the two other process maxing out at approx 5%. I have set the sample rate to 48k Im not sure what else i can do to optimize. I have a ‘official’ pi power source. I’ve read power supply issues sometimes manifest as intermittent noise issues.
Can i ask are you running the pi headless?

puredata process uses only around 54.6% on my RPi 3 with effects on, seems to work just fine. This time I used tightvncserver to see the GUI of the patch.

If you have a spare SD card you may try flashing the latest Raspbian Desktop image, install puredata and Pisound software, and check whether it performs better.

Btw, what power supply are you using?

I am using the stontronics power supply. The CPU maxing out is unusual the usage displayed by ‘top’ differs quite a bit from the CPU usage on the desktop toolbar for example ‘top’ showing 75% usage the desktop 16%. also just leaving the patch to run without interacting with it gets spikes in the CPU usage 10-15% randomly. ill pick up another SD card and try your suggestion of a fresh install.

i have re installed the with a fresh image. i thought i was going to be on to a winner when i noticed the class on the SD card when i removed it, class 2! I replaced this with a class 10 but still the same issues :frowning: intermittent lagging /stuttering.
I use the audio setting in the PD GUI drop down menu to set the sample rate at 48000k . However i’m unsure what the block size setting does , I have read in deals with the number of samples each object deals with in turn but I have no sense of an optimum setting might be. Presumably a high delay and low block size is the way to go but at what point will this impact on the responsiveness and sound quality. Recommended settings, if anyone would share, would be great for me as i don’t know what the performance expectations should be.

also if someone could test this for me to check if this is normal behavior ,open garage beats ( start.pd) select the 2_live object and in the new gui using pdsaver select another preset and click load This process will cause the current play back to freeze for 5~10 sec then play back again momentarily at a higher tempo

Ok finally got to the bottom of my issue, it was to do with the VNC viewer i was using, when i disabled the encryption on it the Pi sprang to life.
Maybe i wasn’t able to interpret what top was telling me, but it seemed to indicated that the majority of resources were being used by pd and vnc was only reporting 2-3% ,
that was all exasperated by the fact the CPU resource monitor on the desktop being way off what top was telling me , i was very confused.

now the Pd app responds much faster and i also seem to be getting better sound quality, presumably due to the extra resources now available