[Patchstorage] Plugin Updates & Testing

AudioToCVPitch plugin now available in Patchstorage!


Updated NAM to latest, includes some advanced options for background processing that adds a bit of latency, should help for 32bit patchbox. Also added the MOD convo cab and loader and OJD, which is an OCD neural clone that sounds incredible. Also added ChowCentaur, also amazing. Enjoy


@deathbeard I was just trying out NAM and can’t figure how to upload the .nam files. Where should those be placed in the file manager?

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Finally got around to creating the directory on my Pi for the NAM Models. The update that @deathbeard provided does indeed help with the performance of NAM on the Pi. On my 8GB Pi4 turning on the “Buffered” setting in NAM causes the CPU usage to drop from almost 70% to just over 20%. There is a very slight difference in the sound but hardly noticeable.

Once you get it set up head over to tonehunt.org and download some NAM models. You won’t be disappointed.

Thanks again @deathbeard !

Nice!! It really is a game changer! I have a few more plugins coming next too. The biggest hurdle for nam and Aida is 32bit. If we can get over to 64bit, then pi4 can run standard nam models without using buffered mode…

@jtemple967 @Giedrius for reference sake, pi-stomp using a pi4 with 64bit allows us to use standard models with just on 50% cpu usage. That’s a pedalboard with a drive, nam, ir cab and a reverb! Without buffered mode

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