[Patchstorage] Plugin Updates & Testing

We need your help! Plugins on Patchstorage marked as work-in-progress need testing. If you use them in your pedalboards, please report your findings here. If a plugin works as expected, we will mark it as ready-to-go or investigate further if there are any issues. With your help, we can ensure all of us have a delightful experience messing around with MODEP!

Tonight I installed the “RECORD” plugin to MODEP. When you hover over the Record button it says the recordings will be saved in /data/user-files/Audio Recordings/lv2record. I’m assuming that the files should be saved in /var/modep/user-files/Audio Recordings? I did try and record a .wav file but I could not find the file. I connected to my Pi4 via RDP and could not find the file.

I have just uploaded an updated version of the plugin - sc_record.lv2 Bundle | Patchstorage. It should store recordings in the correct folder now. Could you please test it out and report if everything is OK. Thanks!

I’ve uploaded the following plugins:

  • GxVBassPreAmp (Vox Venue Bass 100 Preamp)
  • GxUltraCab (Cabinet Simulator Plugin) yes, we have IR CabSim but nice to have other options too.
  • MOD Cabsim IR Loader (one of my favorite new plugins in MODEP 1.12)

Would be interested to hear if anyone tries these out.


I just uploaded the GxTubeScreamer to Patchstorage. Been wanting to try that one out.


I uploaded the GxSVT plugin for all 3 targets to Patch Storage.

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Few new/updated plugins:

I can confirm the Metal Tone and sc_record plugins are both working on my setup. I uploaded the Tube Screamer to use as a distortion pedal in my setup but I think I like the tone of the MetalTone even better. :slight_smile:

I was unable to verify the samplv1 plugin. I see it takes a MIDI input but what it’s supposed to do beyond that I’m not sure.

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Just uploaded the last of the missing plugins from the guitarix plugin folder:

  • Muff - emulation of the Electro-Harmonix Muff. We probably already have an emulation of this from another developer but can’t hurt to have too many!
  • Mole - emulation of the Electro-Harmonix Mole bass booster
  • CrybabyBCG95 - emulation of the Dunlop Cry Baby GCB95
  • WahWah - sorry, no description available, assuming some type of Wah pedal

Please post here if ytry these plugins and run into issues.

These uploads complete all the plugins in the guitarix folder in the plugin builder.


Another batch of Guitarix plugins uploaded!

  • Baja Tube Driver
  • Bottle Rocket
  • Epic
  • Guvnor
  • Hot Box
  • Hyperion
  • KnightFuzz
  • Liquid Drive
  • Quack

samplv1 works as well as it can. There’s the occational crash when tweaking loop points, but it does that cause the plugin is still beta and needs some attention from the Mod Audio team.

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Okay, I worked through all the missing guitarix plugins that compiled and uploaded without issues. I added the last two today:

  • GxSaturator - saturation plugin
  • GxSD1 - emulation of the Boss SD1 Super Overdrive pedal

Starting on A …working my way through alphabetically. Here’s some new plugins i uploaded today:

  • abGate - simple noise gate
  • Airwindows StarChild - Weird digital ambience/echo plugin
  • ALO Plugin - 6 channel looper
  • Bitta - simple bit crusher plugin
  • carla-files lv2 Bundle - this says it’s a bundle but there’s just 1 plugin, not sure why. Audio player plugin. Named “Audio File”

I also tested these plugins:

  • abGate seems to be working
  • StarChild - yes, it’s weird. I’m guessing it’s working like it should. :slight_smile:
  • ALO Plugin - I can tell it’s looping but I’m struggling with understanding how to use it. May the force be with you.
  • Bitta - definitely crushing some bits
  • Audio File - this works! Upload an audio file through the File Manager. I uploaded an MP3 to the “Audio Tracks” folder. Then refresh your pedal board. The file should be listed under the “Tracks” tab. Turn on the plugin and click a file. Starts playing. If you wanted to tweak your pedal board but not have to stop playing every time to make a change, record yourself without plugins with one of the recently uploaded Guitarix Record plugins, play a song, then load it up in the Audio File plugin. You can then tweak to your heart’s content without having to play at the same time!

The IR Convolver zeroconvo.lv2 Bundle | Patchstorage (both mono and stereo) will randomly make the audio distorted when switching IR files. This distortion stays even if I disconnect/delete this module.

If I can find some other Reverb IRs that work I will try and replicate this on my setup.

Now I’m finishing “C” and on to “D”. I’ve uploaded the following plugins tonight:

  • Carla Audio Gain - simple click free audio gain plugin
  • Dexed - native LV2 port of the DX7 emulator. For those of us that remember the DX-7 :slight_smile:
  • DIE Fluid Synth - synth that uses SF2 instrument files. Never heard of an SF2 file before tonight.
  • Dragonfly Early Reflections - Dragonfly Early Reflections is a reverb effect based on Moorer’s early reflection model. This is the same algorithm used in Dragonfly Hall and Dragonfly Room, but without any late reverberation algorithm.
  • Dragonfly Hall Reverb
  • Dragonfly Plate Reverb
  • Dragonfly Room Reverb

Hi, did you try DIE Fluid Synth? I am trying to work out where to put the SF2 file it needs, can you help please?

@Jon_Walters welcome to Blokas! I have not yet tested this plugin. I will try and find an SF2 file for testing. If you happen to figure out where the files should be loaded please let me know.

Uploaded a couple more plugins tonight:

  • FatFrog - high gain amplifier emulation
  • AMS Envelope - control voltage envelope filter

Uploaded a handful of plugins tonight: