[Patchstorage] Plugin Updates & Testing

Almost made it all the way through alphabetically! Here’s the uploads from tonight:


Just uploaded the plugins for the Modular Amp Toolkit. They are:


@Jon_Walters I finally got around to testing the DIE Fluid Synth and it’s working on my setup. So to add SF2 files for this plugin, click the “File Manager” button at the bottom of MODEP and you should see a list of file categories/types. In that list should be a group named “Instruments”. Under that category should be a “SF2 Instruments” type. Click that folder and upload your SF2 files there. Once uploaded, go back to your pedalboard and refresh the pedalboard. You should then be able to select one of the files you uploaded in the plugin. I used VMPK on Linux connected to the Pi’s MIDI In via a USB to MIDI cable. I was then able to play/hear the selected file. Hope this helps!

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thanks for your help :grinning:

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Started applying the GUIs for additional plugins from the piStomp team! 2 plugins now uploaded:


Guess what starts with 3? The number of plugins now available in Patchstorage! I just uploaded a whole bunch of plugins from Hannes/Airwindows! It’s late here and I’m tired so I won’t list them but do go check them out!

I categorized them all as “Utility” at this point but once I get a chance to try them out I will change the categories accordingly. Some of the descriptions didn’t make it clear what the plugin did.



I have about 4 or 5 more from this collection, ran into some problems last night and got this one resolved this morning. Will push the rest later.

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Thanks for all the additions, I’m gonna try push some of the new stuff from mpb this coming week. I’ll also do a pr for all the additions to the uploader




You’re a machine, man. :laughing:

Not sure how this set works though. Are you supposed to use all 4 to create an amp? Or choose between tubes and impulses for either pre/post?

@BoxOfSnoo I assume you’re talking about the modular amp toolkit? If so, yes, the intent is to use all 4 to simulate the signal chain of an amplifier. I played around with them a little and got some interesting sounds but unfortunately there’s not a lot of guidance or suggestions on how to use them together.

I just uploaded the Audio to CV plugin to patchstorage!

@Giedrius @Pranciskus I also tried to compile and upload the AudioToCVPitch plugin but the libfftw3f.so was missing from the docker image.

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Not sure if this was mentioned yet, but the Guitarix OC-2 is labeled as GXOC_2 (with an underscore), and there is no mention of octave in the description or name, making it very difficult to locate with search. I suggest amending this so that others won’t have problems with finding it.

Hi @jtemple967, have you had a chance to take a look on Harmonizer2? It looks to be a very cool plugin.

@Zetoni unfortunately I have not. We just completed a big conversion project here at work and for the last couple of months all my time has been devoted to getting us across the finish line. Happy to report that the conversion went well but as usual there’s always 1-2 months of letting the “dust settle”. I hope to get back into uploading plugins soon.

Thank you @jtemple967. Good to know it went well. Take your time. We all appreciate your dedication here.

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@Zetoni I just checked and the Harmonizer2 is in Patchstorage. Are you not seeing this plugin when you browse for plugins in the Modep interface?


Hi @jtemple967. I can’t see a version compatible with Patchbox OS. I can see the other two versions, but fro what I read looks like it doesn’t work with Patchbox OS, that is 32 bits. Am I wrong?

@Zetoni you are correct! I didn’t check that. Let me look into it.