Please add the NAM models directory

I tried to use the new NAM plugin from patchstorage.
To do this I had to create the directory “/var/modep/user-files/NAM Models” which is automatically displayed in the UI as soon as you create it.

Please can someone with a deeper knowledge add this directory to a new MODEP release?


sudo mkdir -p “/var/modep/user-files/NAM Models”

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Thanks, but I wanted this directory to be added to a new release so that everyone can use NAM.

I know mkdir, chmod and chown.

Just wanted to add here that I also had to run:

sudo chown modep ‘NAM Models’
sudo chmod g+w ‘NAM Models’

to get the upload to work.

Fixed in modep-browsepy 0.5.7-3, it will be getting installed / upgraded to by default, but to manually update:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install -y modep-browsepy