Launchpad X and/or r_cycle

Before I spend a lot of my money on these, I am wondering if anybody here has used this hardware with a PiSound?

The hardware Lauchpad X:

The PD software for it:

Up to this point I have been using mi PiSound for MODEP. This would be my first journey into MIDI land…

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I have experimented some with a launchpad x and the r_cycle externals in Pd on PiSound. Everything works as expected.


May I have some advice for how you you got everything to work as expected?
My Launchpad X has arrived and neither my PI or my laptop detect it. It powers up and lights uo but lsusb does not detect a USB device and I tried installing griode which also does not detect it.

Hoping I have not wasted a lot of money!

I’ve been using the patchage software included with Patchbox OS to make the alsa midi connection between the launchpad and Pd. For r_cycle or custom modes you need to connect to Launchpad X midi 2 as explained here:

Make sure to connect to both Pd’s midi input and output in patchage.

This could also also be done with aconnect but I suspect you will be using desktop/gui to work with r_cycle in Pd.

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Much rather the command line.

patch@patchbox:~ $ aconnect -i|grep Lau ; aconnect -o|grep Pur
client 24: 'Launchpad X' [type=kernel,card=2]
    0 'Launchpad X MIDI 1'
    1 'Launchpad X MIDI 2'
client 133: 'Pure Data' [type=user,pid=1378]
    0 'Pure Data Midi-In 1'
patch@patchbox:~ $ aconnect 24:0 133:0

seems right to work.
Thank you

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For the future searchers:

I am using griode ( as a very good jumping off point. It is python which I do not know very well but once I got it going with Launchpad X it has been mostly good.

My version (which is rapidly diverging) is at

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