Is it possible to integrate CoreMIDI and TouchOSC Bridge for MODEP?

Hi folks, new to the world of pisound/patchbox os and so far have been I have been blown away by its capabilities! I am currently looking for a way to connect my external midi keyboard to the pisound via wifi, so that I can control MODEP (switch pedalboards, change parameters, switch pedals on and off, etc.) using my MIDI keyboard. Using the TouchOSC iOS app I have been able to get TouchOSC Bridge to work with MODEP, no problem, and my MIDI controller is recognized under CordMIDI in/out, however I can’t find any guidance on how to connect the two together on patchbox. Is there any way to do this? Or can I only use the touchscreen controls over WiFi? Many thanks in advance for any help that you all can offer!

Hey, to use Apple’s network MIDI, see here:

I think it would appear as another virtual MIDI port, listed by aconnect -lio or aconnectgui commands, once RTP MIDI is set up.

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Thank you so much, Giedrius! Much appreciated. This is exactly what I was looking for. I think for now I will stick with using a midi footswitch and the touchosc interface, but this is good to have for if/when my setup gets more complex.

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Hi there! So I am now trying this out, now to be able to route midi hardware signals (keyboard and footswitch) from the pisound to iOS (rather than the other way around). I believe I successfully installed raveloxmidi and created the config file. However, I am currently stuck at the testing step.

When I run the command -

sudo raveloxmidi -dN -c /etc/raveloxmidi.conf

I get -

ALSA lib rawmidi_hw.c:233:(snd_rawmidi_hw_open) open /dev/snd/midiC2D0 failed: Device or resource busy

Any support with this would be greatly appreciated!

Hey, could you post the contents of raveloxmidi.conf?

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Thanks so much for the response, Giedrius, I will post that when I get back to this (which might not be for a little while!)

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Did you figure this out?
I get the “ALSA lib rawmidi_hw.c:233:(snd_rawmidi_hw_open) open /dev/snd/midiC1D0 failed: Device or resource busy” when I just do: amidi --port=hw:1,0,0 --dump

Something seems to be holding on to the MIDI interface in my patchbox? *In a previous Patchbox setup I had raveloxmidi working great, and stuck on accessing the interface, even right after booting.

Unfortunately no, I have not returned to this. Happy with my setup as it is for now. Best of luck!!

The amidi utility tries to gain access to the MIDI device exclusively through rawmidi API, most likely it’s already busy because the jack backend is running and using it via snd_seq API.

To stop software using it, do:

sudo systemctl stop jack
aconnect -x

The first line stops the Jack backend. If you don’t intend to use Jack at all, run sudo systemctl disable jack in addition to stopping it.

The second line disconnects all virtual snd_seq MIDI connections between the virtual MIDI ports on the system.

There is a (small) cost, but I stopped using raveloxmidi and used Mclarenlabs RTPMIDI. My ability to use RTPMIDI became worry free, I have no issues and don’t think about it anymore - easy install, and it just works!