Help Debugging a few pipes and kinks

Would anyone here be available for a one on one session to help me figure out a few kinks and issues with my medium midi set up? everything is mostly up and running - but im having a few conflicts and things are getting a bit more advanced then I can manage. Studio consists of 2 Octatracks (one as a performance mixer other as a sampler looper) Syntakt, Digitakt, mini freak as synth/midi keyboard controller, a kaoss pad and a launchpad pro as a multi pad midi controller, midihub as the brain.
again mostly everything is rigged up, but some kinks -
If anyone is interested, and is a midi hub head, Id love to hire you!

Hey, what kind of kinks need to be straightened out? :smiley:

Hi there, thanks for chiming in! - so since I posted - I went in and cleaned up my file - I did not quite fix my issue -
but I was able to re arrange some of the ways devices were connected and controlling each other.
I was able to find a set up that so far is working solid. I believe things could be streamlined by someone with expert midihub skills which I do not yet have - but as long as I’m making music I’m happy!
Im not sure why as I am definitely somewhat technical - the midihub for me it has been decently difficult to become comfortable with and be able to experiment and build complex rigs with.
I feel like one day I would really love to connect with some more advance users to get some sort of better grounding. the tutorials have not really helped me - and there is just not enough youtube material out there on the midi hub to learn from. which is definitely a better way for me to learn from.
In regards to what was happening - it would be a bit complex to explain here over a reply. but I managed to get around by changing up my connections some- the actual issue - I was never able to find a solution for.

:wink: quote=“dkamhaji, post:3, topic:5289”]
love to connect with some more advanced users to get some sort of better grounding. the tutorials have not really helped me
Well, @dkamhaji, Midihub users don’t come more advanced than @Giedrius!

In terms of the tutorials, I’m not really surprised the “New to Midihub” series was of limited use to you given your initial envisaged Midihub setup:

…even the final episode was only building a 2 in - 3 out setup (as I recall) and that was pretty long because of its Step-By-Step style!

Speaking more generally and more for future readers who come across this topic (ie. you probably know this Danny!)…

…looking for kinks or debugging a setup like this – if I had the .mhp and some idea of the message flows– the first place I’d look is the possible loops:

If possible, I’d strip out the preset so it just dealt with this part (then bolt the rest back on later using File>Append from File... and/or drag&drop from a 2nd Editor)

Not knowing your internal routing, I’d be aware of the possibility of not just two loops…


…but 3:

And, as the Keystep above is now replaced by MiniFreak this gives the possibility of rather more!

(PS, I think that would be a very involved YouTube…:wink:)

btw, @dkamhaji , how much are you into using virtuals to merge flows just for Monitoring purposes? For me, it’s an essential tool at least during patch development.

Wait. Drag & drop from a 2nd editor? Now that is quite handy!
Sorry for derailing the topic!

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Indeed it is. I think it was available in some systems for a while, but @Giedrius made it work fully across all OS’s in 1.15: eg. Shift-alt/ctl Drag to copy over whole lines with mappings.
(see here )

Now I’m hoping for section markers so you can drag over whole bunches of lines in one go…

Finally I’ll be able to try out your ADSR patch in my setup :wink:
I only need the AD part but looking at the patch turns into staring into the void :smile:

Now we really are derailing @dkamhaji’s topic! I’ve been having thoughts about ADSR which I’ll pick up in that thread

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