Delay send, Delay return

Two elements that would be used in the same pipe.
Delay send would be like the normal delay but with no feedback, so a single repeat is generated after some delay (synchronised or not)
Delay return sits later in the pipe and provides a mechanism to feedback the delayed notes, back to the delay send element.
The normal, non-delayed note appears at the delay return pipe with no delay, and is mixed with the delayed signal as per the mix function in the standard delay.
The returned note appears at the delay send pipe and is treated identically to any new noe appearing at its input.
Effectively, we’ve split the single delay element into two elements … so, why bother?
Well, the idea is that you could stick a number of other elements in between send and return, to effect the delayed notes in an effect loop. This could include transposing the notes, fixing them to a scale, etc, and these effects would then be cumulative, being applied on every loop iteration.
Could be fun :slight_smile:

Interesting idea, we’ll consider how it could get done. :slight_smile:

Excellent news, thanks :slight_smile: