4 qjacktl midi inputs

Hi there.

I have just installed a patchOS in my rasp.

I have launched the qjacktl apps in order to see the midi connections and it has surprised me. In the Midi connection window I can see 4 “midi_capture” inputs and 4 “midi_playback” outputs.

I thought that only must be 1 input and 1 oputput device in this window (1 for each fisical soundpi connections). Isnt it?


On Linux, audio software may have their own virtual MIDI ports.

What is the full output of aconnect -l?

Hi Giedrus,

first of all, thanks for your support!

As you say, it is normal that each software may to have their own midi virtual device.

But… As i understand, the Input System Midi may have only one midi device. I undertand that “System” must have only one input MIDI device (the pisound hardware one). And, in the graph, there are 4 inputs devices (see attach).

Is the screenshot correct?

This is the aconnect -l result

Jack has its own Jack MIDI port which copies most ALSA MIDI ports.

Run jack_lsp -A to see what they map to. Unfortunately qjackctl or patchage does not seem to provide meaningful names in their UIs.

Anyway, I’d recommend using ALSA MIDI ports instead of Jack ones. Connect them using aconnect, aconnectgui, patchage, or write rules for amidiauto.