Volumio - PiSound which DAC / unsupported?

Hi there! I can’t see PiSound as an option in the Volumio list of I2S DACs. Which ones should I choose? The complete list of supported DACs in Volumio is in screenshots over here, where I also mentioned this issue but no replies. Pisound & Volumio: Network-Enabled Hi-Fi Player

Hi, looks like Volumio did some changes and didn’t add a new parameter to Pisounds config. You can fix it on your install locally. The first 2 steps are optional, if you can access the system terminal directly, you can use that instead.

  1. Enable SSH access by accessing http://volumio_ip/DEV, and hitting Enable in this section:


  2. Connect with remote shell to your volumio device by running:

    ssh volumio@volumio_ip
    # (the password is 'volumio')
  3. Start editing dacs.json:

    sudo nano /volumio/app/plugins/system_controller/i2s_dacs/dacs.json
  4. Locate this line:


    Replace it completely with this:

  5. Hit Ctrl+x, then Y to save and exit.

  6. Run the wizard again, Pisound should be listed and fully working.

  7. Disable SSH access if you enabled before.

I’ll send a pull request to Volumio to get it fixed in their repo.

Thank you @Giedrius. That worked perfectly.

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