Pisound App for ios request

Would it be possible to have an ios app to interface with the pisound for managing the pd patch list? That would be quite handy.

Terrific product this pisound. Thank you for creating awesomeness on the pi!

Hi, it is planned, we are working on a new release for Android, after that we’ll port it to iOS. :slight_smile: It makes sense to do it in this order, because getting an app into Apple’s App Store has a lot more requirements and takes longer, so we are seeking to get feedback from the users earlier.


Thank You Giedrius, that is great news. Looking forward to that.

Any update on the iOS app? Are we likely to see it sometime this summer?

I think the android app which i hear even has a piano app JUST dropped or was updated last week. I KNOW there are plans but knowing blokas folks they are going to do it right and cross every T and dot every i first. BUT when it comes we are going to have ANOTHER set of historic patch shenanigans for folks to explore – just remember so far the patches have been focused on vanilla and i have been holding back the complex synths… These guys are just getting started :slight_smile:

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Hey, the Android update is not out yet, it’s getting close though, we’re aiming for this week, and it’s going to be big! :slight_smile:

As for iOS version, once this Android update is out, we’ll work on getting the iOS version up to the same level of functionality.

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I thought it was last week but i am SURE it’s going to be great.
I have several new patches for when it’s ready and a few secret ones being released ONLY In this forum as you know



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Any update on this? It looks like there were a couple of android app releases last year.

Hey, it’s in progress. :slight_smile:

awesome to hear! Just jumped on the pisound bandwagon after about half a year of considering it. Curious to know if the iOS app will be released this quarter?

Hey, it is still being worked on, I think it will see the light of day in Q2 this year. :slight_smile:

Hello, I just want to know when the IOS app will be release soon.
I’m a new user and only use IOS.
Thank you

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hey hey – love the idea of seeing the IOS app someday soon. Any updates?

It’s still being worked on :slight_smile: One unexpected thing we have to work around - the iOS allows developers access only to Bluetooth LE (low energy), which makes the communication nearly 10 times slower compared to classic Bluetooth available on Android.

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Honestly?!? I’d happily take 10X latency. What part of the UI is that time sensitive?

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We won’t release this version until it’s ready and provides experience at least as good as on Android.

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