When will App for iOS be available?

Any idea when it will be rolled out? Thanks!


Ya I’m wondering that also, it said soon a year or two ago.

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@Rebecca_Faber @marthaSplatterHead thanks for asking and sorry that you have to wait for so long. When developing the Android app we prioritized the “fast release” above anything else - some shortcuts were made in terms of stack selection. At that time we were hoping that we will be able to outsource the iOS development completely, but the presumption turned out to be too optimistic. :slight_smile: On the brighter note, currently the user interface part to support both platforms requires only small final design touches and after that the only thing remaining will be porting the Bluetooth communication for iOS. As we have to juggle between all of our projects, the progress is slower than expected, but we should have a working version this quarter. Thanks again for your patience. :wink:


Thank you for the response. I look forward to the release!

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Any update? The IOS app that was promised 2 years ago was the primary reason I paid for your product in the first place. Today, I see that yet another new product seems to have taken priority in the interim.


Just a gentle nudge to see how things are going on this front? took delivery of my Pisound today and am really happy and excited with it, was just surprised to search on the App Store and find no iOS app.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hey, please see my reply in this thread: Pisound App for ios request

We have to find a satisfactory solution for iOS that would work as well as Bluetooth on Android, most likely handshaking still via Bluetooth, but handing over the communication between devices using WiFi, but that’s a vast amount more of development work to get it to work as conveniently as it does on Android via Bluetooth…

Hi, thanks for your reply - my apologies as I did see that thread, I just overlooked that it was pretty recent.

Yes I was talking with a colleague about this and we were wondering if it needed to be more complex than a node api (for example) running on the pi with a series of endpoints that returned patch info and controlled the scripts? Midi control for patches is nice, but apps like touchosc do a great job of this already. I just wonder if you could simplify things and basically build a web based ui with mobile support, rather than going fully native. I’m sure I’m missing lots of things here as i’m new to the Pisound :slight_smile:

Anyway, thanks for your amazing work, it’s a great little device.

It’s more than that - Bluetooth does give a very nice way of making devices talk with each other, without getting into the technicalities of configuring the devices so they can see each other. We want to achieve the same on iOS. The parameter system is also more powerful than what simple TouchOSC clients provide.

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