When will App for iOS be available?


Any idea when it will be rolled out? Thanks!

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Ya I’m wondering that also, it said soon a year or two ago.



@Rebecca_Faber @marthaSplatterHead thanks for asking and sorry that you have to wait for so long. When developing the Android app we prioritized the “fast release” above anything else - some shortcuts were made in terms of stack selection. At that time we were hoping that we will be able to outsource the iOS development completely, but the presumption turned out to be too optimistic. :slight_smile: On the brighter note, currently the user interface part to support both platforms requires only small final design touches and after that the only thing remaining will be porting the Bluetooth communication for iOS. As we have to juggle between all of our projects, the progress is slower than expected, but we should have a working version this quarter. Thanks again for your patience. :wink:

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Thank you for the response. I look forward to the release!

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