Pisound app for ios

I bought pisound long time ago because ios app was announce as “soon available” but still nothing…
What happened ?
Best :pensive:


Hi, see the similar topics: Pisound App for ios request, When will App for iOS be available?.

The status is still the same - the iOS unexpectedly does not provide the necessary Bluetooth APIs for this to work as good as on Android.

Hey I know there is a bluetooth problem but can you make it work via tether I would be happy to just plug in my phone or iPad to make adjustments without switching wifi and all that, the app coming soon was a selling point

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We’re making some progress in this area. :slight_smile:


great news. Hope it can continue.

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Any development on the iOS app?

Bluetooth does give a very nice way of making devices talk with each other, without getting into the technicalities of configuring the devices so they can see each other.

have we considered bonjour/avahi? the patchboxOS already identifies has a working avahi implementation, when you’re both connected to the same wifi it can be seen as patchbox.local

Any update on progress with the iOS app? I have a shiny new Pisound that’s ready for it!