Pisound Android App Public Beta Feedback

Finally found some time to play with the app. It’s really cool and makes pisound so much more useful! I tried to my own patches, but ran into two problems:

  1. Loading the patch from usb didn’t work
  2. Manually copying the patch worked but now when I start the app it disconnects when accessing the list of patches.

I know a new version is comin soon and maybe that will solve my issue, but still… How am I supposed to prepare patches to work with the pisound app exactly? I did copy the .yml file from one of the included patches and modified it, but maybe I’m missing something… Any heads up?
Also, is the yml file needed for the app to be able to copy things from usb?

Hey, thank you for the feedback.

Did you get any error during USB importing? What output did the app give you?

The blokas.yml file is used to provide metadata about the patch, like the display name, description, the entry point patch, etc… The file should be customized for each patch you add. The app does support having ‘main.pd’ patches in separate subfolders, in that case it provides limited patch view with the name taken from the folder name the main.pd is in.

Could you send me the output of:

sudo journalctl -u pisound-ctl > pisound-ctl.log

to giedrius@blokas.io?

Also, it’d be great if you could share the patch that ‘broke’ the app, we can keep it confidential, so we can make sure the app works well for you.

Thanks for the quick reply! I’ll do some more thorough testing and will send you the patch (no problem with uploading it here in case either).

Also, feel free to split this into a new topic so things are more easily avialable for future reference

After more testing yesterday evening I have found the problem: I had left the “image” property in the YAML file but hadn’t specified any image. That would crash the pisound app.
Adding a PNG solved the problem.
So now everything works, except for the patch copying from USB. Haven’t gotten around testing that yet, but now I have a little suspicion… do I have to put all the patches I want to copy into a folder called “puredata-patches” on the USB drive?

Correct :slight_smile: https://blokas.io/pisound/docs/Pisound-App/#importing-patches-from-usb We did it this way to avoid scanning any large HDD drives that could be connected with unrelated information. By placing stuff in ‘puredata-patches’, you explicitly show your intent to import just those files.

Thank you for reporting this, we’ll get this fixed in the update, it should be possible not to specify or include image property in the yml file.

I think the “like” in this sentence confused me:

It scans the connected USB media for folders like ‘puredata-patches’ in the media root

maybe it could be more explicit in the docs, you could rephrase like this for example:

It scans the connected USB media for Pd patches. All patches must be placed in a folder called “puredata-patches” for the app to find them.

You’re welcome!
You could also add a placeholder image that is being shown if no image is specified.

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Thanks, I’ll add a note to update this to be more explicit.

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thanks to you for the great work!

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