Octatrack + Soleman midi foot controller

Hi there, i try to set up my soleman midi foot controller via Midi hub to use with my octatrack without success. On the Soleman there is a PC +/- scrolling option in scene mode, it works fine to increment or decrement Pattern of the octatrack with the footswitches but i would also like to use the 2 others footswitches to +/- the scene of the OT with CC.55 & CC.56. To do so Soleman have to run in “Panel mode” where there is no more scrolling option :frowning:
I would like to do : SW 1 & 2 = PC increment & decrement on each pressure, SW 2 & 4 = CC.55 & 56 increment & increment on each pressure. With an expression foot pedal in CC.48 to fade between scenes it would be awesome!

Hi Albadort (& welcome to the forums)

Could you specify what is coming out of the controller with each switch press & release in scene mode?

There are patches similar for similar things, but don’t want to point you in wrong direction if they’re not relevant

Can see you want PC±
but is it CC55=OT+ /C56 = OT-? Any value or successively lower higher values?)

Hello! Thanks for answering so quickly! I have already tried to use to midi hub patch called prest +_ but it didn’t work with my gear. I’m very novice, apologies! In scene mode the 4 switch of the Soleman can be configured as PC or CC or note. My idea is to keep PC on SW 1 & 2 to make a positive and negative load of the OT patterns. The Sw 3 & 4 are configured in CC.55 & 56 in order to call the different scenes of the OT, here my idea is to increment each time i press ether 3 or 4 to progress in scene values with an expression pedal to fade from scene to scene. I can see PC and CC in midi hub monitor but i don’t know how to +/-1 step them. Soleman midi OUT =>Midi hub IN 3 => Midi hub OUT 3 => OT IN

CC.55 & CC.56 low value = 1 high value=16

CC.55 = scene A of the OT, CC.56 = scene B of the OT

The other thing i’m thinking is to use the Sw2 of the soleman as a “reset” value for Sw1, 3 & 4 of the soleman. i don’t know if it’s possible. In this scenario i could load on different Patterns & scenes always moving + 1 step each time i press a switch. Then reset for the beginning of the next song, using it playing guitar at the same time.

hey @albadort nico, would you post a screenshot post of your CC/PC input in midi-monitor to make it clear what the precise input is?

CC.55 & CC.56 low value = 1 high value=16.

so these values cycle?

Sw2 of the soleman as a “reset” value

thought this was your PC+?

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I remembered a couple of things that might be useful to you. (Both worth looking at for Midihub learning anyways!)

Elektron PC
this patch…

… deals with an issue that this post suggests might apply to your machine.

scene A, scene B change

There’s a neat way of using Dispatcher to cycle through states

If your OT responds to CC55 so that say

  • 0 → A.1,
  • 8 → A.2
  • 16 → A.3
  • etc

then you can set up two of these pipelines, one handling CC55 and the other CC56. (Yours would have 16 x Note → CC Transforms, of course)

Hope this is relevant cos the nice thing is that the Transform values could be edited on a per-set basis so each press goes to the next scene you want rather than just 1,2,3,…

extra detail

If your SW3&4 are sending

  • press → 127
  • release → 0

Then you’d just need to change the first Transform (CC → Note) so that its Work with Value in Range Low was >0 …
…then remove the 0 values with another Filter afterward.

Thanks for the patch i will have a look.
Sorry i’m not clear enough. On the OT pattern change with PC value 0 = A1, 1 = A2, 2 = A3 and so on for the sw1 of the Soleman. CC55 et 56 of OT are used to control Scene A & B, i would like to affect it on SW3 & 4. The Sw2 of the Soleman would be better use if it was a reset more than a PC -.

Thanks for the patch i will have a look

two patches: the 2nd one is probably more important;
if your OT responds to PCs differently than DN/DT then you don’t need the @szszoke one.

Sorry i’m not clear enough.

Always tricky when someone doesn’t know your gear.
Hopefully these patches will get you going.

If not, you’ll need to spend a bit of time with each device documenting precisely

  1. what comes out of the controller (Channel+Id+Value) on each switch press/release
  2. what needs to be sent into the OT (Channel+Id+Value) to effect the change you want

On the OT pattern change with PC value 0 = A1, 1 = A2, 2 = A3 and so on for the sw1 of the Soleman

and does the Soleman send out 0,1,2,…,15,0 with each successive press?

The Sw2 of the Soleman would be better use if it was a reset more than a PC

so no longer “SW …2 = PC…decrement on each pressure”?
What does the OT need to receive to do this “reset”?

The Soleman send out 0,1, 2 on each successive press in “Scene mode” and it works exactly as it should with the OT. Problem is in this mode the 2 others switches are affected for an other use and cannot be prgrammed in the soleman’s software. To affect the 4 footswitches for a personnal use with the soleman’s software you have to be in “Panel mode” where each of the 4 switch can be affect as a PC/NOTE/CC.

The reset fonction could be useful to start at 0 every switches for a new song.

yeah,got that.
So SW3/4 just send out 127 (down) 0 (up), yeah?

The reset fonction could be useful

but what input tells the OT to reset?
Is it just a MIDI Reset message?

SW1 = PC 0, 1, 2 etc…
SW2 = reset @ 0 every switches
SW3 & 4 = Scene A & B of the OT CC55 & CC56 from 1 to 127 (i just need value between 1 and 16)

Yes Midi reset message

Soleman SW2 sends out Midi reset message too? (ie not a CC?)

Soleman Sw2 sends out what we ask him between PC/NOTE/CC.
I would like midi hub to do a reset midi here.

As far as I can make out you can put it altogether:

Switch number:

  1. sends PC as is thro’ Midihub to OT
  2. sends MIDI Note/CC to Midihub which Transforms to Reset
  3. sends CC55=127 to Midihub. Adapted (1+16) Dispatcher pipeline changes it to different Scene value each time in a cycle
  4. same for CC56

Oh, and Soleman converts the Exp pedal to whatever CC the OT wants for its Scene fader

Hi there! Thank you Resonotter for help. This is my patch for the moment. Row 1 @ 2 are for the scene A & B of the OT and affected on the Switches 3 & 4 of the Soleman. It works fine! Row 4 & 5 of the patch is for a play/stop of the sequencer affected on SW2 of my soleman, works fine too!
Row 6 of the patch is to increment PC from 0 to 15 on Switch 1 of the Soleman (= PATTERNS A1 to A16 of the OT). It also works fine but i’m wondering how to set it for going up to 64?
SOLEMAN OT.mhp (1.1 KB)