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Hello colleagues,
here’s a question (which probably someone else has already asked about, sorry):

I have different pipelines that represent different combos of operations for the same connection.
I need to toggle between these different pipelines through a midi controller, so that when one is activated the others are deactivated (i.e. bypassing the IN).
Normally I would do this by using different values within the same CC, but as I can’t assign specific ranges in the MidiHub mapping I wonder if anyone already found a way to do this or has any idea…

Thanks in advance.


Here’s one way to do it:
pipeline_switchingKRNFLD.mhp (453 Bytes)
The set-up is to:

  1. take your input pipelines (MIDI A here with different Harmonies)
  2. send them to different Virtual outs (A,B,C here), then
  3. Map to switch which Virtual In is routed to the physical out in line 4.

hope that does the trick.

PS. Though that’s all that’s strictly necessary (especially if your midi controller allows you to limit the cc value range – to 64-83 in this example ), I’ve stuck in a physical loopback to scale the cc in Line 5, in case that’s necessary to avoid all the ports you don’t want!
(If this is new to you, I’ve described in at least one previous post eg. – Is it possible to edit “Mapping” MIDI?). I usually do this with a DIN cable, but here I used a Mac software patchbay for speed. Giedrius says a future update will allow scaled mappings, but until then…


Hi Resonotter,
thank you so much for the explanation and for taking the time to do the pipelines! Genius!

I feel like my brain is bleeding anyway. I can’t quite figure out how to apply this to what I need to do. I’m sorry!

Do I need a free physical Out? That´s unfortunately not possible in my set up (picture).
I have only one physical input reserved exclusively for sending messages to my two Midihubs from a MIDI footswitch and a desktop controller, but I don’t have a free Out.
Anyway, it’s clearly just me who can’t quite figure out the logic.

I’m sending you the pipeline in which I’m trying to generate the switch.
Each of the 6 lines represents a MIDI note coming from a Nord Drum with a specific transformation.
As I indicate in the picture, each column represents a group of transformations that I want to toggle between (there are 3 in total: Off-on1-on2).
I think that in the logic of making a loop and using a physical Out, I can’t apply this, can I?

Sorry if I am unclear in my descriptions.
Thank you so much again Resonotter!
Thank you Blokas!

Screenshot 2022-06-10 at 16.17.11|433x500

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@KRNFLD , Daaamn that’s a full setup! (You’re a braver man than me with the labelling, too!)

Before I hazard a guess at a MIDI DIN solution, I take it you’re staying clear of any computers? (a rapsberryPi for example would give a bunch more interconnections without having to go near a DAW).

Now onto the physical:
I’m assuming you want to go the “pipeline5 scaled mapping” route hence the q about enough sockets?
Not sure which hub is using the patch shown or which port the controller goes into (guessing LP ped is a pedal), BUT: Surely, you’re home and dry by having the two hubs ( and having used only 2 x in/out on your virtuals)?

  • Wherever your controller should be finally, temporarily plug in into the other hub (Y) from the NDvirtuals one (X).
  • Choose what channel you want your mapping to take place on (I try to keep one spare to avoid conflicts)
  • Have your Y-D-out connected to your X-D-in.
  • Map to your virtual Ins per my patch
  • Now do your rescale in Hub Y pipeline:
  • (If i understand there are 3 in total: Off-on1-on2 then just arrange your rescale range so that one option switches to an unused virtual In )
  • plug your controller where it’s supposed to be and route it so that (it/at least cc’s on that channel) route to the Y-D-out.

(you can miss out 1, but when setting up loopbacks, I like to keep everything as direct as possible)

I’m a bit knacked right now so I hope I haven’t overcomplicated this!

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Hi Resonotter,

thank you so much again for your reply! Amazing teachings and explanation.
I must have read your answer ten times but I couldn’t get to that level of complexity. Sorry!! Hopefully I’ll get there sooner or later.

In the meantime, I can tell you that happily (I think) I have achieved what I needed, applying the logic of the virtual outs that you suggested in your previous answer.
I can’t test it yet as I just moved my studio two days ago and I don’t have everything connected, but all seems to indicate that it’s going to work ok!!
The bad part is that I have used all my virtual outs in this one patch, (in 19 pipelines instead of the initial 6) which leaves me with no margin for the other dozens of patches I have. But at least I will have solved this important issue of my setup. Hopefully at some point more advanced midi mappings will be implemented?

Since you asked, no, Midihubs don’t connect via USB to any computer (only via MIDI Din to a soundcard).
It is a complex setup that includes several controllers, instruments and video, and uses all 16 Midi channels. That’s why Midihubs have been a gamechanger in allowing me to filter, remap, transpose and so many other enriching operations.

I’m stuck with another part of my programming, I’ll describe it in another post to see if it’s something you can help me with.

Thanks so much again.

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hey, Ian, just picked this up.
Glad to have been of some help
That sounds like some setup you’ve got going there.
When the dust has settled after your move, I’d be happy to look at your Midihub A & Midihub B patches to see if I can see a way through.
(I guess you’re using all your available Midi thrus? Maybe you need a 3rd Midihub!)

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Hey resonotter, sorry my delay! (studio moving…)
I´ll gladly share with you the kind of stuff I´m doing with this amazing brain&heart that are the Midihub.
And I think you´re right, I´ll probably need a 3rd unit!
Thanks a lot again.

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