One button Bypass switching for multiple Pipelines

Can I map a CC message to Bypass a pipeline while having another pipeline, waiting in a bypassed state, become “un-Bypassed” with that same message?

I am using the arturia beatstep pro as a controller over the Midihub and i often want to
Bypass a pipeline with one button while taking another pipeline Out of bypass with the same button.

Eg. Turning off a harmonizer and turning on a delay pipe with one button sending one CC

Press One button and it turns one effect on while it turns another off. Simple.

So far in all i have tried it seems Midihub only ever accepts the CC message to “Engage” selected mapping point. Meaning i can only seem to bypass at the same time with one buttons CC message.

Simply put my goal is:

“The pipeline is bypassed and when the CC is sent it turns on”

but for some reason Midihub will only ever allow

“The pipeline is on and when the CC is sent the Pipeline is Bypassed.”

Midihub seems to flip it so that even if i have the selected pipeline in a bypassed state when i am mapping the CC Midihub only accepts the message as “Engaging the bypass” rather than “disengaging the bypass.”

Sorry if this is a complicated description of a simple process but its something i find i keep really wanting to do as controller space is limited and being able to have a single button do this kind of switch would allow for a lot more flexibility with the Beatstep pro and Midihub as a duo in a performance and for some reason the solution to this eludes me.

Is there some simple way to Invert how the Midihub is accepting these messages?

Any help would be great.

Love the midihub already and am excited at its potential and look forward to how it grows over time.

We plan to add setting the operating range of mapped control in a future version, that will make it possible to flip the operation as well.


Is there anything new about this ?

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@billbonkiom , rescaled mapping not available yet.
In the meantime, try using a physical loopback so that you can transform/rescale the CC values before they get to the mapping target (in the OP’s example, flipping 0~127 to 127~0).
I just mentioned it in a PS here: Midi mapping Toggle
(Originally described in a video by synthmata, I think. I use it a lot)