Is it possible to edit "Mapping" MIDI?

I’m very new to Midihub, sorry if this topic is already answered or clear.

I would like to setup a Transport pipeline were I can use an external knob to switch between “-12 , -6, 0, +6, +12” and not access every value between -64 and +64.
In order to do this I tried to use the CC filter and use a specific range per octave.
Example: CC 0-25.4 enables octave -12, CC 25.5-50.9 enables octave -6, CC 51-76.9 enables octave 0, etc…

Long story short: I figured out that I might miss the feature to build pipes for MIDI mapping.
Is this included or am I able to recreate a Transport pipeline with given steps instead of open?

At the moment it’s not possible, but we plan to build on the mapping system to enable use cases like this. :slight_smile:

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Excellent news :slight_smile:

I think this is possible. Or have I missed the point somewhere?
This patch involves the “synthdad hack”. As you’re new to Midihub, @johnnyjules , you may not know it; it involves running a cable out from Midihub and back in to “fool” the Map feature.
Here’s the patch, Oliver, and here’s how to set it up:
TransposeStepped.mhp (392 Bytes)

  1. I’ve got my notes and CCs running into mA, BUT
  2. I first set up my Transpose Map by connecting my controller up to mD temporarily; I twiddled CC107 (Transpose gets full range initially but…)
  3. plugging controller back in mA and running a patch cable from_mD~> to_mD, I’m then ready to Rescale:
  4. The first Rescale collapses the full range down to just 8 steps
  5. The second enlarges the range to 48 meaning each of the 8 jump 6 each time
  6. The vA sends the scaled CC out to mD to come back in mD to control the Transpose, the transposed notes go from_mA to your synth.

The range is a wider than what you wanted, but it does go nicely -18, -12, -6, 0, +6, +12, +18, +24. You might be able to improve it with a bit more fiddling of ranges.

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Yeah, it’s possible via a loopback, but we plan to make this more streamlined and without requiring a physical loopback. :slight_smile:

I know you guys have a long list of to-do’s; Do you have it prioritised somewhere public?

Thanks for the example. Makes sense.

Glad to hear it’s planed.
Hope that this includes some sort of “mirroring” the incoming CC messages as well, to fit the knob/fader behaviour individually.
Example: Instead of turning from Value 0-127 you can either switch to 127-0 or 0 is in the middle and it goes to left -63 and right +63

I’m not sure if I get this @johnnyjules; I have devices which have param displays that are like {-100,+100} but they’re still mapped by MIDI to 0-127. :question: Or are you talking about some kind of Display Pipe?
This notwithstanding what you’re looking for seems like a RescalePlus. In which case, one issue is whether a subsequent map follows the original or Rescaled values (hopefully the improvements Giedrieus mentioned have got that in hand!) :wink:

Yes kind of Rescale Plus. With the possibility to flip the polarity to better fit custom knob and fader movements and workflows.

For example:
It would allow to change the default value (0-127) when you turn a knob from left to right to 127-0

I don’t understand, @johnnyjules; isn’t that what Rescale already does offer (by changing OutLow=127, OutHigh=0)?

I didn’t saw the forest because of too much trees :smiley:
Yes, it’s already there. I was somehow under the impression (even with the pipe name) the purpose there was to narrow value steps. Thanks for your help

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Yeah, that simple addition makes it very powerful, particularly when combined with Transform. :+1:
Same thing with Note Remap, etc.
Have fun exploring!:flight_departure:

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Mapping is also a minor concern of mine. I use a Novation Remote controller to dynamically set tempo division. I use a button of type “step” to cycle through the values. Step size = 4, range = 0 - 16. Now each push of the button gives me 0, 4, 8, 12, 16, and back to 0, 4, …
The values for tempo division read: 1, 2, 4, 6, 8, 1, 2, … It’s the closest I can get to an almost one on one mapping.

Edit; Forgot to say I was looking for a way to cycle through values 1, 2, 4, 8 on the tempo division pipe…

@sdk75 sounds useful, which controller is that?

AFA your mapping is concerned, I’m looking forward to the enhanced capabilities that Giedrius has hinted at.
In the meantime, might there be a way using the Scale Remap pipe?

  • a bit sneaky but like CCrescale->TransformToNote->Scale Remap (to collapse some of your values in a non-linear way)->TransformToCC*?

*obviously simpler if you’re already using notes rather than CCs

Not tried it but can’t see why it wouldn’t work…

Oldie but goodie: Novation Remote 25SL (1st version)

Yes, was looking into rescaling too but stopped figuring out, my controller has labels and it now reads “TMP/2” :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: