Change note on to note off and vice versa

I want to bypass one pipeline and at the same time turning on another pipeline.
I want to do this with note on and note off messages.
The problem is that both pipelines are bypassed at the same time.
It does not seem possible to manually map “note on” as “bypass on” for one pipeline and “bypass off” for another pipeline.
If I use the transform object and change note on to note off it does not really help, because now I only send note on messages, so it doesn’t invert the function.
Is there a way to manually map MIDI messages?
Or is there any other way of solving this?

Maybe try with a TRANSFORM pipe: transform your note on & off message into 2 different CC values, then map the bypasses with the CC messages.

Ok, I will try that!
I made a workaround and remapped the channels and split them into two pipes and then mapped them back again. So now I only have one bypass and that is for the channel remapping.
I do think it would be a good feature though to be able to toggle different pipes with one single note and also to allow more precise manual mapping of MIDI commands.

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something similar here:

This uses a physical loopback. The last Rescale pipe would have sdk75’s Transform instead. same CC id, different values for on/off. (map an In/Out Source to a knob to see what values you want)

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