Kernal update for Pi4B 8GB With Pisound board - now the webserver is not working

Using Modep, is there a sys call & config for the http server, pisound app, et al as they are not working after kernal update.

Kernal 5.4.51-v7l+

Flashed the eeprom, > setup with a Pi3 install new kernal & put the sdcard into Pi4 and all’s well.

Pi4B with 8GB will not setup.

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How did you set it up initially? Did you flash the sd card, and install 5.4 kernel on the very first run? Did you update the rest of the packages available via apt?

On the Pi4 I installed patchbox, and none of the USB ports were working, so I had to use putty, then went through the wizard did the updates and after it would not boot.

Tried many times, then did a raspbian eeprom flash on the pi 4 - tried setup again and the same failure.

Installed the setup sdcard into a pi3, setup patchbox, updated the kernal, update & upgrade with apt and put the sdcard back into the pi4 and all’s well.

Hi, I’m also working with a pi 4 8gb, and it seems like my USB ports aren’t working as well. I don’t have a pi 3 to do your workaround. Is there another way to solve this issue? Thanks!

Edit: flashing this version of patchbox and setting the jack to 48k/ 256 buffer seems to have solved my USB issues. Even at 256 the latency feels almost nonexistent, and since I’ll mostly be using it for return FX I’m not sure it’ll be noticable anyway.

It’s possible to connect to the Pi remotely over network using ssh: Raspberry Pi: Remote Control Raspberry Pi via SSH

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Ohhhh is that why he was using the pi3? Okay no worries I’ve been using ssh to connect anyway.

Also you answered my problem,.which is that I need to use the native kernel instead of the realtime one.