How to reduce latency to a minimum

Hi there,
I made it up to connect things to pisound.

I plug my guitar into pisound, connect it via qjackctl with “guitarix” and get some nice Guitar effects. nice.

I plug in my MIDI-Keyboard or connect my tablet via TouchOSC with “amsynth” and get some nice Synthsounds. nice.

However, all sounds come with latency to my headphones, making it impossible to play “life” to a drumloop or with other musicians.

qjackctl states that latency is 8ms, but ot me it sounds like half a second

How can I reduce latency to a minimum?

Hi, use as high sampling rate and as low audio buffers size as the complexity of the effects / synths you’re running permit.

Keep in mind that latencies add up. Anything you take through a computer will produce a latency on the input and one on the output. Plus you have to add the latency induced by the physical distance from the speakers, cables, anything else you have in the signal chain.

btw. this article was very interesting to read on the subject:

This said, it really boils down to what Giedrius said. pick a sampling rate and then go as low with the buffer size as you can without getting audio dropouts and/or xruns

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