Button/GPIO-17 access

I found a discussion about desoldering the button[1] which talks about soldering to GPIO 17 and ground instead. I like this idea but, there is no easy access to GPIO 17. I know I can solder to the nice ling header pins on the pisound but when doing that 100 times I am fairly certain there is a high probability of soldering to the wrong pin.

Would it be possible to provide a pad that exposes GPIO 17, or change you 2x7 extension header to a 2x8 and provide access there?

Also, does the button have pull-up resisters in it or do you simply use the available resisters in the GPIO on the PI?


[1] Is it hard to desolder the pots and button?

Hi, it’d be better to just change the pin the pisound-btn listens to and use one of the available pins on the 2x7 header.

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Built-in pull up must be enabled on the pin.