Is it hard to desolder the pots and button?

Hello, new guy here. I just placed an order for a pisound. I was hoping to add the rPI3/pisound to an enclosure I already have, where the gain and volume pots would be inconvenient on top. I will have lots of room for those on the front of the enclosure instead. I guess I’ll see for myself when the pisound arrives, but out of curiousity, is removing the pots and button likely to be a simple task?

Hey, it is definitely possible to desolder, especially if you have prior experience with that, the pots and the button (it is an SMD button though, it may be easier and more sturdy to wire GPIO17 and GND to ayour button directly).

Note that soldering/desoldering stuff on/from Pisound will void the warranty.

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Thanks for the reply. That is good news. :slight_smile:

Reffering to the pots, I guess they’re double pots to control both channels at once. Would it be possible to desolder them, solder a bit of extension wires and replace with one pot per channel (so four in total)? Is it possible to get specs for the original potentiometers?

Hi, yes, they’re stereo ones. You could replace them with 4 mono ones. For the Output Volume, we’re using Alps RK12L12C0A0E. For the Input Gain, we’re using Alps RK12L1230C1M.

Abhoth, I’m curious, did you succeed?

thanks for the info!