Auto MIDI connections for MODEP?

I’ve just been acquainting myself with the Patchbox OS. The automated MIDI connections are an absolute godsend , thankyou!!!

Is that functionality coming to or already arrived on MODEP image too?

You may install amidiauto by doing:

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install amidiauto

I haven’t tried it out with MODEP yet, so not sure how well it integrates with the UI, it could be that a manual refresh of the webpage is necessary, or the connections may not show up in the UI. Use aconnect -l to see whether connections were made. It may end up connecting every hardware input to every pedal taking MIDI Input, making MIDI utilities that modfiy data inconvenient to use, as users may have to first manually disconnect unwanted connections after adding or reloading pedalboards.